Funding for basic research (FIRB)

The Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR) grants funding for basic research through FIRB projects (Legge 388/2000) in all  scientific areas defined by the European Research Council. Firms and private agencies are involved in the accomplishment of the projects, reserving the majority of places for young researchers.

Research areas: grants are available for the following list of research areas:
1) Alternative and/or sustainable energies
2) Agriculture and the Environment
3) Environmental, cultural and artistic heritage
4) Sustainable mobility
5) Homeland security
6) Health and Life sciences

Eligibility: young researchers both full time and non full time. Non full-time researchers may be eligible if in possession of a work contract, signed by the Chancellor, which guarantees the availability of the researcher throughout the duration of the project. 
No Calls for research are available at the moment.