AXA Chair

The University of Turin hosts the Axa Chair in Socio-economic risks of financial markets since 2015.
Through its AXA Research Fund, AXA wishes to encourage and support research relating to major changes in modern-day society and the associated risks notably in the area of socio-economics, health, new technologies and environment. 


Within this frame, through the establishment of an endowed visiting Chair, UniTO has launched a research programme in the field. In the first 5 years, the AXA Chair holder has been prof. Bernard Dumas, who has been studying the socio-economic risks of financial markets by developing optimizing agent based models of the dynamic equilibrium. 


Since January 2021, prof. Fabio Trojani has been appointed as AXA Chair holder. His research will focus on two main areas. First, new models and technologies for studying large-scale economies with heterogenous investors and market frictions. Second, new methods for empirically constructing optimal dynamic portfolios exploiting high-dimensional information about asset characteristics.