Research period abroad

PhD students may spend periods of time undertaking research abroad. Periods of research abroad must be arranged with your supervisor and authorised by the PhD Coordinator of your course. Requests and applications should be directed to your supervisor and to the Doctoral Board.  

Students with scholarship. Increase of scholarship

For certain kind of PhD scholarships it may be possible to receive an increase of their value for research activities abroad. The increase corresponds to 50% of the daily amount of the scholarship. The amount is fixed and paid according to the number of days spent abroad.


You can apply for the increase of scholarship online. Applications will be registered and accepted directly from the PhD Programme coordinator.

Through the online application system you can:

  • apply for the research abroad authorisation
  • apply for an extension to the research abroad authorisation
  • submit a return declaration
  • check your application status and your research abroad schedule

Apply online for the increase of scholarship.


"Cotutelle" PhDs (co-tutoring doctorates)PhD students can also be eligible to carry out their research project both the University of Turin and at a partner institution in another country, under the joint supervision of a thesis supervisor at Unito and of one at the partner university abroad.