Innovative molecular approach to chemotherapy

Technology description

The present invention relates to a new molecular therapeutic approach that allows reversing the resistance to chemotherapeutic agents based on conventional cytostatics, such as cisplatin, which represents the standard of care for many solid and hematological tumors. 
Cisplatin has been shown to require a specific molecular mechanism to trigger cell death. The molecules involved in this mechanism are sometimes subject to genetic alterations, which make the cells resistant to chemotherapy. Specific compounds have therefore been identified, which do not present any toxicity, capable of interacting with the proteins involved in this molecular mechanism to reverse resistance and thus make cells sensitive to chemotherapy. In vivo studies of the identified compounds allowed to obtain optimal responses on the tumor, without presenting toxicity for the patient.
The toxicity of chemotherapy is one of the main limitations of this type of treatment, which sometimes contraindicates the treatment or causes significant toxic effects to the patient. Acting on the molecular mechanism with the identified compounds allows to contain the toxicity of the chemotherapy because, by maximizing the response, they allow to use a lower dose of chemotherapy than the standard one.

  • Treatment of metastatic solid tumors, in combination with conventional cytostatics
  • Treatment of hematological cancers (such as some forms of lymphoma), in combination with conventional cytostatics 
Key advantages
  • Increased response to conventional cytostatics, such as cisplatin
  • Reduction of cytostatics doses and consequent containment of toxicity due to treatment with chemotherapeutic agents
Filing date and application number

Filing date: 06/07/2020

Application number: 102020000016321




Università degli Studi di Torino