Amongst the inventions of our researcher, the Patent Committee (Commissione Brevetti) carefully selects the most promising ones for patenting. 
The current members of the Patent Committee are:

  • Prof. Carlo Bicchi (deputy of the Rector, president of the Committee, Department of Pharmaceutical and Pharmacological Sciences)
  • Prof. Giovanni Camussi (Department of Medicine)
  • Prof. Alessandro Cogo (Department of Law)
  • Dott. Roberto Gandin (Department of Law)
  • Prof. Marco Guerzoni (Department of Economics)
  • Prof. Giorgio Gribaudo (Department of  Life Sciences and Biology)
  • Prof. Lorenzo Silengo (Department of Molecular Biotechnology and Health Sciences)

In the following, the patents are filed and the Patent and Knowledge Transfer Office evaluates the potential for their industrial implementation, establishes non disclosure agreements (NDA) and identifies the most promising opportunities for exploitation - also in collaboration with the inventors - by selecting companies that are potentially interested in the patent with the aim of signing contracts for the exploitation of the patent.

Currently, the University of Turin has a large portfolio of patents and patent applications, some of them still being available for licensing to interested companies. 

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