Chimeric complex and its therapeutic uses

Technology description

Cancer is a multistep disease, often associated with aberrant microRNA progression. Nowadays, cancer microRNA-based therapies do not specifically target cancer cells. So, it is mandatory to develop new therapies to target tumor metastatization, reducing off-target effects at the same time. The molecule object of the present invention is a chimeric complex, in other words a macromolecular complex which comprises molecules of different nature and characterized by different actions. In particular, this chimeric complex is composed of an aptamer that target a specific receptor tyrosine kinases (AXL) and a microRNA characterized by an anti-metastatic activity. The aptamer is able to bind specifically to the AXL receptor, known to be expressed on the surface of many cancer cells. By doing so, the microRNA is specifically conveyed to cancer cells, where it exerts its anti-metastatic activity. The chimeric complex does not target non-tumor cells, that do not express the AXL receptor.
Therefore, this chimeric complex is proposed as a therapeutic treatment for solid tumor characterized by metastatic activity.


Treatment of solid tumors, in particular those characterized by metastatic activity.

Key advantages
  • Targeted therapy
  • Anti-tumor
  • Anti-metastatic activity
  • No toxicity
Filing date and application number

Filing date: 06/09/2019

Application number: 102019000015806



  • Università degli Studi di Torino
  • CNR