NANOMUG: protein glycosylated nanoparticles

Technology description

The patented technology consists of nanoparticles with particular characteristics capable of conveying different types of drugs to a specific site. It is a new strategy to fight infectious diseases and counteract antimicrobial resistance.
Infectious diseases represent a stubborn and major public-health problem all over the world. Worsening this situation is the rise of antimicrobial resistance which hampers the effective prevention and treatment of a wide range of infections. In light of this, we need new strategies to fight pathogens and better ways to efficiently deliver new or existing drugs.
NanoMugs are multifunctional nanoparticles, intrinsically glycosylated and with mucoadhesive properties, able to incorporate drugs. The one-step synthesis method allows to obtain a triple effect in one single product:
1) Persistence at the site of infection by mucoadhesion; as NanoMug are made of a highly glycosilated protein, the main component of mucus, they are naturally mucoadhesive.
2) Bacterial and viral engagement by glycan-mediated binding: we used a highly glycosylated protein. The production method preserves these characteristics and the nanoparticles themselves are equipped with oligosaccharides on their surface.
3) Targeted drug delivery and release; molecules with different molecular weight, charge and chemistry can be efficiently loaded during the one-step synthesis. As drugs are not covalently bound to NanoMug, they can be released over time.

  • Drug delivery to counteract bacterial and viral infectious diseases
  • Drug repositioning of existing drugs for new therapeutic purposes
  • Molecular imaging
  • Vaccines
Key advantages
  • Specific targeting thanks to the presence of oligosaccharides onto the surface of NanoMug
  • Drug loading and release
  • Mucoadhesive
  • One-step synthesis of functionalized, drug-loaded, nanoparticles
  • Production easy to scale-up
  • Moderate cost
Filing date and application number

Filing date: 22/06/2020

Application number: 102020000014908



  • Università degli Studi di Torino
  • Università degli Studi di Pavia
  • Politecnico di Milano