Cell for gas adsorption at room temperature

Technology description

Sortpion of gases (e.g. CO2, CO, CH4,…) by solid/liquid sorbents is a problem of utmost scientific and technological relevance. Applications already implemented/in development, such as gas capture and/or their separation from complex mixtures, call for an accurate understanding of sorption phenomena. These strongly depends on the sorption temperature.
The cell is constitued by a glass burette inserted in a concentric jacket. The upper part of the jacket is welded to the burette, while the lower one is a removable tube where the bottom part of the burette (where sample is loaded) can be freed. The two parts are fixed together by glass flanges, connected by a rubber o-ring and kept by a clamp. The cell exists in two configurations: opened and closed. Oper configuration is meant for samples activation, by inserting the terminal part of the burette in an electrical oven. The closed configuration allows ciruclating a thermostatic fluid in the interstice between the burette and the jacket, guaranteeing homogeneus temperature conditions during the measurement. Two hose connectors allows introducing and removing the fluid.

  • CO2 capture
  • CH4 separation from natural gas
  • Metal sites titration by CO
  • Activation of molecules by catalysts
Key advantages
  • Compatible with the main commercial volumetric intruments
  • Excellent thermal stability
  • Measurment at near-ambient temperatures
  • Possibility to activate samples in situ under mild conditions
  • Possibility to measure liquids without vapor pressure under stirring
  • Valentina Crocellà
  • Cesare Atzori
  • Giulio Latini
  • Matteo Signorile
Filing date and application number

Filng date: 09/03/2020

Application number: 102020000005014




Università degli Studi di Torino