Multi-directional and multi-frequency attenuator of waves

Technology description

The present invention relates to techniques for attenuating the waves formed on the surface between two fluids characterized by different density, such as for example air and water (but not only). The type of waves considered is gravitational ones, which have a wavelength ranging from a few centimeters to hundreds of meters. They are for example those that are formed on the surface of the sea under the action of the wind or any disturbance.
The solution proposed here relates to a multi-directional multi-frequency wave attenuator device, comprising a lattice of inverted pendulums immersed in a fluid or liquid, in which each inverted pendulum of the lattice terminates in a spherical mass and is anchored to the bottom through a retention system. If the frequency of the waves is compatible with the natural frequency of pendulum oscillations, there is a phenomenon of resonance and  a transfer of energy from the waves to the pendulums takes place. By friction with water the pendulums lose energy in the form of turbulence. The end result is the attenuation of the waves. Unlike the solutions that use the conversion of wave energy, the current invention uses only the energy absorption and it can be much simpler for installation and maintenance.

  • Coastal and beaches protection
  • Safe transport of liquids
Key advantages
  • Minimum environmental impact
  • Minimum production, installation and maintenance costs
  • Excellent attenuation for different wave frequencies
Filing date and application number

Filing date: 12/07/2018

Application number: 102018000007142




Università degli Studi di Torino