Disinfection and biopsy for trees

Technology description

The disposable is connectable to needle drill resistance measurement devices (NDRMDs) (e.g. Resistograph®, IML-Resi)  used during tree hazard assessment campaigns to detect wood decay and defects. It allows for 1- a complete disinfection of the needle of NDRMD (to prevent infections), and 2- the automatic and efficient collection of bioptic wood samples for subsequent diagnostic analyses.
The disposable is intended to accomplish a complete disinfection of the needle of NDRMD and to collect automatically and efficiently bioptic wood samples for subsequent diagnostic analyses. In the frame of tree hazard assessment campaigns, the same needle is generally used on different trees, which imply a risk of transmission of diseases. The disposable allows for the first time an automatic and standardized disinfection of the needle, thus preventing infections. The rapid and early diagnosis of pathogens present in trees is becoming of pivotal importance in the management of trees. The disposable allows to collect in a fully automatic and standardized way bioptic wood samples that can subsequently be sent to diagnostics laboratories. 

  • Phytopathological and tree stability assessment analyses of urban and forest trees
  • Researches in the field of phytopathology and engineering
  • Structural assessment of wood in service
Key advantages
  • Standardized procedure for the monitoring and safeguard or trees
  • Minimize the risk of trasmission of tree diseases
  • It combines with innovative diagnostics approaches, including molecular ones
Filing date and application number

Filing date: 28/07/2017

Application number: 102017000087211




Università degli Studi di Torino