Text categorization and analytics

Technology description

The object of the invention consists in a system of texts storage and analysis by means of a classifier and an implementer based on statistical machine learning, developed to produce results even with a very limited number of data, for example the storage and analysis of decaying languages and their cultural heritage. The storage of textual data takes place in a mixed and stratified database system (SQL and NoSQL) to easily adapt to other areas that are not only linguistic analysis, corpus linguistics or computational linguistics, but any analysis that provide for distribution algorithms, predictive loops, statistical analyzes, etc. For example, we are evaluating applications in the medical (digitalization of anamnesis) and management (business intelligence).

  • Corpus linguistics
  • Content analysis
  • Social network analytics
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Data retrieval
  • Data mining
Key advantages
  • First corpus linguistics platform developed for minority and decaying languages
  • Layered and fragmented file storage system, designed to not require high computing power
  • Fast and flexible platform
  • Marco Bellante
  • Livio Gaeta
  • Raffaele Cioffi
  • Marco Angster
Filing date and application number

Filing date: 21/11/2019

Application number: 102019000021837




Università degli Studi di Torino