September 21st lessons start

Friday, 18 September 2020
September 21st lessons start

3, 2, 1… Let’s go!


UniTO’s lessons progressively resume from September 21st. For the didactic calendar and the lessons timetable see the website of your degree program.


The University of Turin offers the whole academic offer online and lessons in presence in the a.y. 2020-2021.


Students enrolling will find a safe studying condition, in compliance with anti-COVID measures. Teaching quality is assured by integrated teaching solutions: face-to-face lessons, live streaming with recording always available, or in small groups activities.


Practical activities (laboratories and traineeships) are organised in full immersion periods to let transfer students participate, too. Distance learning is supported by a team of specialised tutors.


Here you’ll find a Vademecum with information on how to move safely in UniTO: read and respect them carefully to protect yourself and the people near you.


Detailed information about teaching modes are available on each degree program website.


You find some opportunities that UniTO makes available to their students down below:

Digital resources for study

A vast catalogue of manuals and books is available in e-book format for students to prepare exams. In addition to the great number of books already available, UniTo bought an additional 700 titles to satisfy the needs of students enrolled in all the degree programs.


MyTest is aimed to all students and future ones to better understand their interests, motivations, study strategies and Italian language and math competences.


With Start@unito platform, UniTO makes available their teachings online for free and open in all the teaching areas, you can follow them even if you are not enrolled.

Studying is easier if you follow your own rithms: you can verify what you learned with self-evaluation tests and take the exam after your enrollment. Registering is easy and fast: you can access Start@unito with your social accounts and you can immediately start your studies.


UniTO has implemented several types of support to study rights and additional ones are being defined:

  • no-tax area extension up to ISEE minor than 20.000
  • advantage change of contribution areas
  • part-time enrolment costs less
  • the contribution is more sustainable being divided in 4 instalments
  • care leavers students are exempted from tuition fees
  • support for the evaluation of international students' contribution.
Study rooms and recreational spaces

Grant study and social places in compliance with security norms is a need of prime relevance.


The experiment of a City-wide University Campus - in collaboration with Città di Torino and EDISU - makes available up to September 30th 900 open air and safe seats in 7 parks from north to south of Turin, where you can share your study experience:

  • Imbarchino 2020/Ass. Banda Larga, viale Umberto Cagni, 37, Torino
  • Zoe/Comala – Polo 3.65, corso Francesco Ferrucci 65/a, Torino
  • Estate al Sud/Centro Protagonismo Giovanile, strada delle Cacce 36, Torino
  • Estate al Sud/Fondazione Mirafiori, Casa nel Parco, Parco Colonnetti, via Modesto Panetti 1, Torino
  • Ass. Spiriti Indipendenti, Parco del Valentino, viale Umberto Cagni, fronte ex Fluido, Torino
  • Sun of a Beach/Ass. Spazi Musicali, via Francesco Cigna 211, Torino
  • Estate in Circolo/ L’Arteficio, via Carlo Ignazio Giulio 14/a, Torino
  • Ass. Nessuno/Lombroso16, via Cesare Lombroso 16, Torino.


More information is available on the Study in Torino website about opening hours and seats for Campus Universitario Diffuso.

Moving in Turin

Discounts on city public transportation based on ISEE slot.

Moving to and from Turin

UniTO is activating partnerships with the main train companies to offer to UniTo students a discount on train tickets.

Enjoy the new academic year!