New international PhD programme in Global History of Empires

Monday, 2 July 2018

The new international Phd programme in Global History of Empires is activated jointly with the Higher School of Economics of St. Petersburg.


The PhD programme is designed as an international learning environment, promoting exchange of experiences among PhD candidates from different countries and different educational backgrounds: a special emphasis is placed in fostering the participation of international graduate students. It is designed to provide a suitable scientific and professional qualification for research in early modern and modern history, with particular attention to its global dimension. It offers an interdisciplinary degree for students who desire to study global issues such as conflict, migration, human rights, governance, environment, energy, technology, sustainable development and the challenges these issues present for lasting peace, equality and prosperity.


Admission to doctoral programmes is granted through a highly selective application process, subject to international attention. The call for application will be published on July 18, 2018


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