Fill in your study plan from October 8th 2019 to January 30th 2020

Thursday, 7 November 2019

Students enrolled for a degree course with a restricted number of places that requires the choice of an educational path/curriculum, from October 8th to November 6th, 2019, can compile the study plan selecting only the common subjects of study, included in all the educational paths/curricula; from November 7th 2019, students must also select (by the deadline) the specific subjects of study of their course.


The online compilation of the study plan allows students to choose subjects of study provided for the degree course, in order to take the exams in the scheduled exam sessions. Study plans can be filled in only by students who have:

  • regularly paid tuition fees for the current academic year;
  • passed the Test for the Assessment of Minimum Requirements (TARM), if mandatory, or, if they scored less than the minimum required, have completed the OFA (additional compulsory courses) attending  the Passport.U online course 


For more information please see the related web page:

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