Doctoral Programmes from China Scholarship Council candidates (2023-2024 round). Deadline postponed to 6th March 2023

Wednesday, 11 January 2023
Chinese student

The University of Turin is glad to welcome applications for admission to its Doctoral Programmes from China Scholarship Council candidates (2023-2024 round).

The selection of candidates consists of a two-fold process: a pre-selection at UniTo and a further selection at CSC.


The first step is aimed at selecting applicants willing to enrol in a PhD Programme in Turin. 

At a later stage, preselected applicants will then have to apply to CSC Call on the CSC website, according to the prescribed deadlines for the prospective awarding of a scholarship.


The call for applications at UniTo is now open. The new deadline for submitting the required documents is 6th March 2023.


For any further details: