Manifesto on an inclusive University

The University of Turin abides by the Manifesto on an Inclusive University, which helps refugees access university education and research and promotes social integration and participation in academic life. 55 Italian universities and research institutes adhere to the manifesto, promoted by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).


The Manifesto on an Inclusive University focuses on young people with international and temporary protection who intend to continue their studies and research in their country of asylum. It is a commitment that also stems from the awareness that the cultural, technical and intellectual experience gained by refugees in various parts of the world can be a great resource for Italy.


School and university offer an important opportunity for young people fleeing violence and persecution and represent a fundamental step both in their personal and professional fulfillment and towards social inclusion. According to UNHCR estimates, only 5% of refugees have access to higher education compared to a global average of 38%.


By 2030, UNHCR aims at a 15% enrolment rate in higher education programmes for refugees in host and third countries.


The universities and research institutes signing the Manifesto recognise the general principles of equality and non-discrimination, welcoming, knowledge, integration, valuing difference and participation and undertake to uphold and disseminate them in their respective working environments.


Universities adhering to the document specifically commit to undertake or expand activities and programmes in favour of refugee students, such as information and tutoring services, recognition of qualifications obtained abroad, scholarships and incentives, and university corridors for the regular entry of refugee students residing in third countries.


In the spirit of the initiative, UniTo adheres to the UNICORE Project (University Corridors for Refugees) and participates in the Working Groups created under the Manifesto.