Sustainability of UniTo

The University of Turin is proud of its sustainability efforts and is seriously committed to contributing to the sustainable development of society.


A positive social and environmental impact is an organisational challenge to be faced internally and externally, through partnerships with stakeholders on both local and global levels.


In the last few years, UniTo has committed itself to sustainability and has edited annual sustainability reports in accordance with international standards. UniTo has gained a role in international and national associations for universities and sustainability. Among the initiatives, the hosting of the UNESCO Chair for Sustainable Development is an honour and a privilege for UniTO.


The commitment towards sustainability is reflected in our teaching activities, research projects aimed at creating long-term positive outcomes, as well as, in third mission through knowledge transfer.

Economic sustainability

Employing around 3,700 human resources and with an economic value of 460 million euros, UniTo is closely connected to the local community. A broad range of partnerships with local and international organisations reinforces UniTo's  dimensions, both international and civic. Ethical and sustainable procurement is a key issue for UniTo.

Social sustainability

UniTo is committed to improving the employment opportunities for students by offering study programs meeting the needs of labour markets and by providing tutoring and placement services.


As a result, UniTo is one of the top universities in terms of students' employability rate (according to national assessments).


At UniTo, gender equality is reflected in all the careers stage at all levels.


To guarantee fair and equal access  to  higher  education studies,  UniTo  has  adopted a policy of full inclusion for disabled students, and students in financial need are provided with economic support and/or reduced admission fees. International students benefit from dedicated services -Italian language tuition, assistance in finding accommodation, reduced  tuition  fees  according  to family  income  and  scholarships  - to help them settle  into  their  new  life  at  the  university  and  in  the city.

Environmental sustainability

The UniTo Green Office is the hub that coordinates, plans and promotes all the initiatives dedicated to environmental sustainability at UniTO. Designed with a multi-stakeholder governance model, the UniTo Green Office works on several strategic assets such as: Food, Mobility, Waste, Green Public Procurement and Energy.


Those interested in environmental responsibility are welcome to join the UniTo Green Office and its groups. For more information: