Confidential Counsellor

Palazzo Nuovo

The Confidential Counsellor is not a University employee and is bound to keep any possible work and sexual harassment confidential and to respect people dignity. For 2020-2023 the Counsellor position is covered by the attorney Elena Bigotti


The University of Turin commits itself to provide its students and workers with a pleasant study and workplace where interpersonal relationships are marked by honesty, mutual respect of people liberty and dignity. This is the reason why the “Code of behaviour for the defence of the dignity of University of Turin workers’ and students’” (“Codice di comportamento per la tutela della dignità delle lavoratrici/lavoratori e delle studentesse/studenti dell’Università di Torino”) has been enacted and the Confidential Counsellor has been appointed. 


Anyone who has been victim of moral or sexual harassment in the workplace or studyplace can get free assistance and advice from the Counsellor.