Guarantee Committee

Roles and functions

The  Guarantee Committee (Comitato Unico di Garanzia  - CUG) develops and carries out actions to promote equal opportunities, well-being in the workplace and non-discrimination.
In particular:

  • it is committed to fight against unjustified discrimination on the basis of gender, age, disability, race/ethnicity,  political opinion, religion and belief and sexual orientation
  •  it aims at enhancing the Community’s awareness of the issue, by establishing a comprehensive approach to step up actions to that end
  • it collects and takes charge of assistance requests
  • it operates with the purpose of creating and maintaining a climate of equity and respect in order to value the unique and different talents, backgrounds and perspectives of a diverse community.

The duties of the Committee involve the University community in the broader sense: administrative staff members, faculty members, students, temporary employees, trainees, etc.


The Committee carries out the following projects:

  • training programs to spread gender culture (meetings, seminars and training courses);
  • support services for children in order to balance professional and family life;

The University of Turin has carried out  an experimental project aiming at introducing Teleworking. According to its philosophy, teleworking represents a valuable tool that allows employees work at home or at a local telework center to perform work duties from a remote location. It makes use of information technology to stay connected to colleagues and work systems and, at the same time, it helps people to better manage work and family obligations.

Moreover, the CUG spreads and adopts the “Code of Conduct for the defence of dignity” (“Codice di comportamento per la tutela della dignità delle lavoratrici/lavoratori e delle studentesse/studenti dell’Università di Torino”).