Career plan

What is a career plan

The career plan is the complete set of exams that you need to sit in order to graduate. Each degree programme envisages a certain number of learning activities (course units, laboratories, other activities): some are compulsory, others are elective. The sum of the compulsory and elective activities represents your study plan.


Information for the a.y. 2019-2020 is currently being updated.

Academic year 2018-2019

All students are required to fill in the career plan online for the entire duration of the university cycle, according to the selection rules carried out by the teaching bodies.


The online compilation of the career plan allows students to choose the educational activities provided for the courses, in order to be able to take the relating examinations in the scheduled sessions. Only students, who regularly paid tuition fees for the current academic year, can fill in the plan; it is also allowed to students who have passed the TARM and to those who, even if they did not pass it, followed the OFA by attending the Passport online course (for further details go to the Tutorato page). Students who, despite having followed the online course, can not complete the career plan can contact the call center at the toll-free number 800.098590 (from Italian phones only) to report the difficulty.


The career plan must be completed for the entire duration of the course (180 CFU for the first cycle degree, 120 CFU for the second cycle degrees, 300 or 360 CFU for one-long cycle degree programme). The plan must be completed during the scheduled opening periods and must be completed again for each year of regular registration and whenever it is necessary to make changes.

Fill in the career plan

To fill in the career plan online, access your MyUniTO and select the "Compilazione piano carriera" item in the "Carriera" menu.

Deliver it within the deadlines

From 8th October 2018 to 31st January 2019 you can make online:

  • the choice of commitment (full time / part time)
  • submission of the study plan.


From 15th April to 17th May 2019 you can only change the study plan; the choice of the commitment is no longer allowed.


For those enrolled  according to the Old Regulations (previous to DM 509/1999) further deadlines are established independently by each teaching body.


Any changes made to the plan will only be implemented by completing and confirming the entire study plan; otherwise the changes will remain in "Draft" status and the last confirmed career plan will be active.

Receive the confirmation message

At the end of the online completion of the career plan, an automatic message regarding the successfully accomplished procedure will be sent. The confirmed career plan can be viewed in the "Compilazione piano carriera" section of your MyUniTO.

Students whose enrolment is over the legal course length

Also students, whose enrolment is over the legal course length, can fill in the career plan online.

This option only concerns the cohorts for which there are selection rules, starting from ay. 2006-2007.

Students, with an enrolment over the legal course length and with cohorts with selection rules that have not been carried out, can modify the plan only at the students registry offices, as usual.

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