The Academic system

Degree programs

The Reform of the University system classes the Degree courses in the following levels: 

  • Undergraduate degree (Laurea): it lasts three years and the entrance requirement is a "Diploma di Scuola Secondaria Superiore" (Upper Secondary School Leaving Qualification) or a qualification obtained abroad and recognized as corresponding.
  • Postgraduate degree (Laurea magistrale): it lasts two years and the entrance requirement is an undergraduate degree or a non-Italian qualification and recognized as corresponding.
  • 5-year or 6-year postgraduate degree (Laurea magistrale a ciclo unico): it lasts 5 years (Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Technology, Pharmacy, Law, Veterinary Medicine Dentistry and Dental Prosthesis) or 6 years (Medicine and Surgery). The students obtain the degree at the end of the complete cycle.

Three or two years' duration is an approximate time, because the length of all courses is measured in University Educational Credits. The undergraduate degree is equivalent to 180 credits, the postgraduate degree is equivalent to 120 credits.

Further educational courses

Further educational courses are offered:

  • First and second level continuing education programs (Specializing masters). Minimum admission requirement for first level continuing education programs is an undergraduate degree. Minimum admission requirement for second level continuing education programs is a postgraduate degree.

    First and second level continuing education degrees do not give admission to PhD or Specialization Schools. 

  • Specialisation Schools
  • PhD (Dottorato)

The Credits Systems sets University credits (in Italian, CFU) as unit of measurement of academic work that a student needs to acquire competences and skills. The quality of that work is assessed through a grading system from 0 to 30.


Credits System is linked to the enrolment conditions to University: full-time and part-time. A full-time student earns between 37 and 80 credits per year. A part-time student earns between 20 and 36 credits per year. Full-time or part-time status is chosen year by year, and the tuition fees change according to the status.