Test for the Assessment of Minimum Requirements (TARM)

Academic year 2021-2022

To matriculate in first cycle degree courses with free admission and in one long-cycle degree course in Law, you must sit the TARM (Test for the Assessment of Minimum Requirements) that, for the academic year 2021-2022, will be provided by means of the TOLC test of the CISIA consortium.

The valid TOLC are:
  • TOLC-E for the following courses: Business administration; Economics and statistics for organizations; Social innovation, communication, new technologies
  • English TOLC-E: Global law and transnational legal studies  
  • TOLC-SU for the following courses: Cultural heritage; Intercultural communication; Labor consultancy and human resource management; Cultures and literature of the modern world; DAMS (Disciplines of the arts, music and entertainment); Agri-food law; Law for business and institutions; Philosophy; Law; Humanities; Languages and cultures of Asia and Africa; Languages and cultures for tourism; Modern languages and literature; Communication Sciences; Linguistic and cultural mediation; Digital administration sciences; International Development and Cooperation Sciences; Political and social sciences; Social service (Biella venue); History.
  • TOLC-S for the following courses: Chemistry and chemical technologies; Physics; Computer technology; Mathematics; Mathematics for finance and insurance; Production and management of farmed and wild animals; Materials science and technology; Agricultural sciences and technologies; Forestry and environmental sciences; Geology; Natural Science; Herbal techniques.
When to sit the TOLC test

Calendars with the dates of the tests will be published on the CISIA website and are constantly being updated.


The last available date to sit the TOLC test to matriculate in courses with free admission of the University of Turin is 22nd September 2021 and the end of the enrolment period in the test on the Cisia website is 16th September 2021. You can enrol only until all available seats, which are limited, are taken. So do not wait until September, take the TOLC test as soon as you can!

How to register in the TOLC test

To enrol in the TOLC test you must register on the CISIA website and while registering, you can choose which TOLC to sit, the location and the date - among those available.


For the enrolment in the TOLC, it is expected – by CISIA – the payment of a contribution of 30,00 €.


For matriculation in the academic year 2021-2022, the valid TOLC tests – of the typology required by each course of study – are those taken form 1st January 2020 and carried out in both modalities: TOLC at the University (in presence) or TOLC@CASA (at a distance).


After having taken the TOLC test, you can enrol in the degree course you are interested in.


If you get a score lower than the established limits, you will be assigned an Additional Educational Obligation (OFA) defined by each degree course. You can find more information on the web site of the course of study.


You can take the same TOLC test multiple times but no more than once per month. If you repeat multiple times the TOLC test, it will be considered valid the last test taken (and not the one with the higher score).


Students that take the TOLC and enrol in a course of study without a restricted number of seats for the academic year 2021-2022, will have a refund of 18,00 € that will be reduced from the first instalment of the tuition fees or by direct refund. It will be considered a single fee per person, even for those who take more than one TOLC.

The following students are exempted from the TARM:
  • students who carry out the change from a course of study within the University of Turin
  • students transferring from another University, admitted to the first year or to years following the first one
  • students, already holding a degree, who enroll with a career shortening
  • students who take an admission test for a course with free admission (either through the University of Turin or TOLC) and that are registered for the “admission test” of UniTO.

The admission test refers to the procedure to follow, described in the call for admission in the related course of study.