Enrolment on postgraduate degree programs (Laurea magistrale/specialistica) with a restricted number of places

Academic year 2019-2020

If you intend to enrol on a postgraduate degree course with a restricted number of places, consult the webpages related to the degree course and/or department, in order to verify the admission requirements and carefully read the call for admission.

International students

If you hold a foreign qualification, consult the related webpage, in order to get information about enrolment and documents required:

Registration for the admission test
Read the instructions

In the calls for admission published on Albo on line dell'Ateneo (online University register) you will find information concerning the admission test: search for it, using the keyword "%ammissione%".

Register at the portal

If you have previously registered at UniTO and you have already the access credentials, you do not need to do another registration: in case you forgot your credentials please contact thetoll free number 800 098590 (Mon-Fri 8:00 am - 8:00 pm and Sat 8:00 am -1:00 pm) or get them through the service Password retrieval.

Register for the admission test

Log in the University Portal (by selecting login on the home-page, in the upper right box) and authenticate with your credentials (username and password), obtained after the registration at the portal. After authenticating, select the item “Iscrizioni” (Enrolment) in the upper left menu and afterwards the item “Test di Ammissione” (Admission test) to go on with filling in the on-line application.

During the pre-enrolment phase, you will be required also to select the administrative category among:

  • Italian EU/ legally residing non-EU citizens, reserved places for EU and non-EU students according to law 30 July 2002, n. 189, art. 26
  • Not legally residing non-EU citizens, reserved places for non-EU students not included in the law 30 July 2002, n. 189, art. 26
  • Chinese students of Marco Polo Project, reserved places for Chinese students participating in Marco Polo Project

Disabled students or students with SLD

  • Students with disability may apply, while registering for the test, for specific aids during the TARM test and/or additional time (30% more). For this reason, you must upload, in pdf format, medical documentation attesting the invalidity/disability (unabridged text, not obliterated text)
  • Students with SLD (specific learning disability) may apply, while registering for the admission test, for additional time equal to 30% to sit the exam. For this reason, you must upload, in pdf format, documentation attesting the diagnosis specific learning disability.
Print the reminder

After completing the registration, print the reminder summarizing the registration details.


Make the payment for the admission test and keep the receipt, which you will be asked for on the day of the test.

Test results

The classification list will be published on the day specified by the call for admission. In order to check the test results, log in on that day, using your MyUnito credentials and select the item "Iscrizioni" and afterwards the item "Test di ammissione".

Confirm enrolment
Fill in the application

If in the classification list your status is “Passed”, you can fill in the application:

  • log in using your credentials (username and password) that you obtained when you registered at the portal, in order to access your MyUniTO personal area
  • Select the item "Iscrizioni" and the the item "Immatricolazione
  • Fill in the online application.

During this phase, you must upload the following documents:

  1. photo that will be printed on the smart card
  2. photocopy of a valid identification document;
  3. photocopy of tax identification number (codice fiscale).

See photo technical details.

Print your application

Print your application and the form for the payment of tuition fees.

Pay the first instalment of tuition fees

By the deadline specified in the call for admission, pay the first instalment of tuition fees: your place will be confirmed only after the payment by the deadline.

For further details consult the relative webpage.

Attach the documents

Log in MyUniTO and select the item "Allegati carriera” from the menu "Iscrizioni".

By the deadline specified in the call for admission, attach the following documents: 

  • application duly completed and signed
  • receipt of payment of the first instalment of tuition fees
  • documents specifically required by the degree course, if mentioned by the call for admission.

If you are a disabled student, with a disability recognised by the Italian Law (article 3, comma 1, Law n.104, February 5th, 1992) or with 50% (or more) invalidity, you must send adequate certification to your administrative office.

Collect your smart card

If you do not have the Smart Card issued by the University of Turin yet, you will receive the collecting details by email at the student's email address assigned to you at the time of matriculation. If you already hold a smart card, update it consulting the instructions provided on the relative webpage (Italian version).

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