Courses with a local restricted number of places and with local classification list

Admission test with the TOLC test

To matriculate in undergraduate degree courses or in 5-year or 6-year postgraduate degrees with a local rescricted number of places and with local classification list, you must take the TOLC - online test - of CISIA (Consorzio Interuniversitario Sistemi Integrati per l'Accesso – Interuniversity Consortium for Integrated Systems to Access) and obtain a score placing you in a useful position in the ranking of the course, you are interesed in.


Taking the area TOLC is an essential and necessary requirement to compete for admission to the course of interest. In particular, the valid TOLCs are:

  • TOLC-AV for the courses: Food Technologies; Viticulture and enology
  • TOLC-B for the courses: Biotechnology; Biological sciences
  • TOLC-E for the courses: Economics; Business Economics; Information and Business     Communication Management; Strategic and Security Sciences
  • English TOLC-E for the Business & Management course
  • TOLC-F for the courses: Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Technology; Pharmacy
  • TOLC-S for the course in Optics and Optometry
  • TOLC-SU for the courses: Exercise and Sport Sciences; Education Sciences; Psychological sciences and techniques; Social Work (Turin venue)


The calendars with the dates of tests and the modalities for registering and taking the TOLC are published on the CISIA webite and are regularly updated. To register for the TOLC, a contribution of 30.00 € is required by CISIA.


Do not wait for September, but take the TOLC as soon as possible. The places available for each session are limited.


For matriculation in the academic year 2022-2023 are valid the TOLCs - of the type required by each course of study - taken in the period of validity indicated in:

  • SME calls for application (therefore by 14th June 2022 to participate at the first phase of selections; by 5th September 2022 to participate at the second phase of selections) for all graduate courses of the SME school
  • single TOLC notice (therefore by 13th September 2022) for all reference courses carried out in both modalities of delivery, TOLC at the University (in presence) or TOLC@CASA (at a distance).


The University of Turin will provide TOLCs exclusively remotely using the TOLC@CASA modality.


After having taken the TOLC and entered the ranking in a useful position, you will be able to enroll, on the dates and according to the procedures set out in the single TOLC call for application, to the chosen degree program.


You can take the same TOLC several times but no more than once a month. If you repeat the TOLC several times, the last test taken will be considered valid (and therefore not the one with the best result obtained).

Admission to study courses of the School of Management and Economics

Some degree courses of the Department of Management and the Department of Economic-Social Sciences and Mathematics-Statistics are with a limited number of places:

  • Business & Management (delivered in English)
  • Business Economics
  • Economics
  • Information and Business Communication Management

To be admitted you must take the CISIA Online Test (in Italian TOLC-E and / or in English English TOLC-E).

You will find instructions, methods and deadlines for registering for the TOLC by consulting the attached notice. More information on the School of Management and Economics website and in the notice for the School of Management and Economics.

Admission to the study courses of the Schools of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine, Medicine, Humanities, Natural Sciences, Legal, Political and Economic-Social Sciences and the Departments of Psychology and Drug Science and Technology

For the admission to undergraduate degree courses or 5-Year or 6-Year postgraduate degree courses of the Schools of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine, Medicine, Humanities (Educational Sciences), Natural Sciences, Legal, Political and Economic-Social Sciences and Departments of Psychology and Drug Science and Technology consult the single TOLC notice:

Registration for the admission test
Read the instruction on the notice of TOLC

In the admission notice /TOLC notice you will find all instructions relevant to the test of the course you are interested in.

Consult also the instruction in the previous paragraph “Admission tests with the TOLC test”.

Register at the University Portal

If you have previously registered at UniTo and you have already the access credentials, you do not need to do another registration: in case you forgot your credentials please contact the toll free number 800 098590 (Mon-Fri 8:00 am - 8:00 pm and Sat 8:00 am -1:00 pm) or get them through the service Password retrieval.

By the deadline, register for the admission test

By the deadline specified in the call for admission register for the admission test, following these instructions:

  • log in to the University Portal (by selecting login) and authenticate with your credentials (username and password), obtained after the registration at the portal for enter your MyUniTo
  • after authenticating, select the item "Iscrizioni" (Enrolment) in the upper left menu and afterwards the item "Test di Ammissione" (Admission test)
  • fill in the on-line application form.
Consult the classification lists of the admission tests and verify the result
Discover the results of the admission tests

The classification list will be published on the day specified by the call for admission. In order to check the test results, log in on that day, using your MyUniTo credentials. Select the item "Iscrizioni" and afterwards the item "Test di ammissione" to see your status in the classification lists (see the paragraph "Verify your status in the results").

Check regularly MyUniTo not only for the publication of lists but also during the phases of replacement of available places after the updating of lists.

You can consult the complete classification on the page Corsi di studio, selecting the tab "Corsi ad accesso programmato" and then the study course with admission tests (the complete classification list is available under "Dettaglio graduatorie").

Check the status of your results

Here is the legenda of status that one can see when the classification lists will be published in MyUniTo:

  • Passed: if you passed, you can go on with the online matriculation no later than the deadlines as foreseen in announcements of competition
  • Not passed: wait for replacements and declare your interest in the fixed dates, as reported in the calendar. Consult frequently your status on MyUniTo, during replacement dates
  • Failed: if you obtained a result which is lower than what is foreseen by the announcement of competition in order to pass
  • Pre-matriculated: you confirmed your place online. Remember that the ultimate matriculation procedure foresees not only the payment of tuition fees peremptorily within 4 p.m.of  the deadline, as indicated in your MyUniTO, but also the upload of matriculation application form dated and duly signed with the receipt of the payment
  • Matriculated: you are regularly matriculated
  • Cancelled: if you fall under one of the following cases:
    • you did not matriculate within the deadlines
    • your admission exam was cancelled
    • you passed for the major choice, for competitions for which more than one choices are to be indicated, the minor choice will be cancelled
    • you did not persist in stating your interest for replacement (replacement application form);
How to consult local classification lists and state interest

State your interest in matriculation.


The call for admission for the course of interest presents the fixed periods during which the "not passed" students should declare their intention to persist in stating their interest in replacement (replacement application form), in order to be replaced in the following scrolling of the classification list.

Compiling the "replacement compilation form"is not equivalent to the confirment of the place (matriculation), but it is only a statement of interest. If the compilation of the "replacement compilation form"does not occur respecting the deadlines, it will mean implicit renounce to a position in the classification list. You can declare your interest by accessing to your MyUniTo, selecting "Iscrizioni" and, eventually, "Test di ammissione". You can state your interest in each preference by pressing the "Presenta domanda" button, in the "Ripescaggio" section. Keep in mind that you can persist in declaring your interest in matriculation for degree courses with no available places left in that period. In case of renounces, changes or transfers, places will be reallocated by the scrolling of the classification lists.

Submit the matriculation form
Fill in the matriculation form

By the deadline specified in the call for admission, fill in the matriculation application form.

If in the classification list you passed, you can go on with the online matriculation application:

  • login to the University Portal and authenticate with your credentials (username and password), obtained after the registration at the portal for enter your MyUniTo
  • select the item "Iscrizioni" (Enrolment) and afterwards the item "Matriculation" (Immatricolazione)
  • fill in the on-line matriculation form.

During this phase, you must upload the following documents:

  • photo that will be printed on the smart card
  • photocopy of a valid identification document;
  • photocopy of tax identification number (codice fiscale).

See photo technical details.

Print your application form

Print your application form at the end of the online procedure.

Pay the first instalment of the tuition fees

By the deadline specified in the call for admission, you must pay the first instalment of tuition fees. Only after paying the first instalment by the deadline, your place is confirmed.

In case of late payments, you will lose your place.

Attach the documents

Log in MyUniTo and from the menu "Iscrizioni" select the item "Allegati carriera".

By the deadline specified in the call for admission, attach the following documents

  • application form duly filled and signed
  • receipt of payment of the first instalment of tuition fees.


Only for the undergraduate degree in Exercise and Sport Science (in Asti and in Turin), students must hold a valid medical certificate for non-competitive sport activities: for more details about the submission of the certificate, read the information that will be published on the website of the course.

Collect your smart card

If you do not have the Smart Card issued by the University of Turin yet, you will receive the collecting details by email at the student's email address assigned to you at the time of matriculation. If you already hold a smart card, update it consulting the instructions provided on the relative webpage Rilascio Smart card studenti (in Italian).

Disabled students or students with SLD

Students with disability may apply, while registering for the test, for specific aids during the admission test and/or additional time (50% more). For this reason, you must upload, in pdf format, medical documentation attesting the invalidity/disability (unabridged text, not obliterated text).

Students with SLD (specific learning disability) may apply, while registering for the admission test, for additional time equal to 30% to sit the exam. For this reason, you MUST upload, in pdf format, documentation attesting the diagnosis specific learning disability.

Students with disability or specific learning disability, residing abroad, must submit the certification attesting the disability grade or specific learning disability issued by the country of residence, along with a certified translation in Italian or English language.

International students

Candidates holding an upper secondary school leaving certificate, obtained abroad, can submit the application form inly if they submitted the application form on the platform [email protected], according to the specific deadlines published on University Portal. The application submitted on [email protected] does not substitute the enrolment procedure.


For further details, please consult the dedicated section: