Foundation Programme Project

With the Foundation Programme Project, the University of Turin wishes to offer one supplementary support year to those students who come from Countries where either the duration of pre-University education is shorter than that provided for by Italian law (twelve years), or where the school year ends six months prior to the Italian end date.


The University of Turin, following its policy objectives, has decided to offer the Foundation Programme online: this way international students will be able to follow this educational programme in their own respective countries, without the need, in this first phase of their academic career, to gather the necessary documents to obtain their residence permits and without incurring any travel costs. The final test aimed at acquiring college credits, however, will take place at the University of Turin and will therefore have to be taken in person.


The Foundation Programme will provide a total of 60 college credits, consisting mainly of courses of Italian language and culture. Besides these, students will be able to choose among other subjects of their interest, which will also be useful either for the minimal requirement assessment test or any admission tests to limited-access courses.


For students whose school year ends six months prior to the Italian school year, the programme will consists of 30 college credits only, all of which will focus on Italian language and culture.

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