Required documents for disabled students

In order to benefit from the services, you need to provide a medical certificate of disability/invalidity, valid for study purposes.

If issued in Italy

If issued in Italy, it must be a certificate of invalidity with a degree of invalidity that is at least 50% or more, or a certificate of disability, in accordance with the Italian Law 104/92. 

Exemptions or reduced tuition fees (read the page tuition fees) are regulated as follows:

  • students who are 50% to 65% disabled have to pay only the first and the second instalments of the tuition fees, but are exempt from the third instalment.
  • students who are at least 66% disabled, or those with certified permanent psychophysical disability (Article 3, paragraph 1 and 3, Italian Law 104/92) are completely exempt from tuition fees and must pay only the stamp duty.

If students have both the certificates, the certified disability comes before (Law 104/92).

If issued abroad

If issued abroad, it must specify the type of disability and how it affects the study, and must concern a type of disability protected by the Italian law.

If the certificate is not written in Italian, a sworn translation in Italian or English is necessary.