Smart card

Smart card for students

The smart card is a university identification document issued to students enrolling in a study course (undergraduate degrees, 5-year or 6-year postgraduate degrees, postgraduate degrees).

The smart card is for strictly personal use and contains the photograph, the registration number and the personal data of each student.


Starting from the 2021-2022 academic year, the smart card is issued:

  • in a virtual version for all students. You can view it using the MyUniTo + app (available for free in the Android and Apple stores)
  • in a plasticized paper version only upon request, for students who need to use it for related services, such as canteens and transport (to learn more, read the paragraph On paper smart card: related services). To get a paper version, apply via ticket on the help-desk platform (for more information on the help-desk, consult the online guide) by selecting your Student Office and withdraw it following the instructions that will be provided.
On paper smart card: related services

You can use the on paper smart card for the following services:

  • Canteens and catering: you can pay for meals in university canteens and catering venues associated with EDISU Piedmont using the rechargeable electronic purse on your paper Smart Card
    EDISU catering service
  • Mobility and transport: you can load the public transport season ticket on the paper Smart Card thanks to the special contactless devive. The following options are compatible:
On paper Smart card: instructions for upgrading, remagnetizing or duplicate request

To upgrade

In case of a change of study course and / or updating of the income bracket for the EDISU canteen, you can independently update your paper smart card at one of the available points.

The paper smart card without chip must not be updated as the update is automatic.


To remagnetize the magnetic strip

To remagnetize the magnetic strip of your smart card, go to the counters of your student office, by appointment.


To request the duplicate

In case of loss, theft or deterioration, you can request a duplicate of on paper smart card by following these instructions:

  1. request a print of the duplicate from your student registry office, using the help desk service (for more information on using the service, consult the online guide)
  2. pay the amount charged by the Student Office (see the Instructions for paying with PagoPA)
  3. collect the smart card following the instructions provided by the Student Registry Office.
Smart card for employees

The smart card is a card in the format of a credit card, issued to the administrative and technical staff at the time of hiring. It is used to record working hours at the proper obliterators available at UniTo offices.

For further information, please consult the dedicated session on the intranet Smart card - badge.