#Youth4ClimateLive and #SumItUp competition for all young climate champions and creatives

Friday, 23 October 2020
In grafica una foglia di palma su sfondo azzurro

The #Youth4ClimateLive Series is launching the #SumItUp competition with an opportunity for all young climate champions and creatives to win a chance to participate in the Youth4Climate: Driving Ambition event in Milan ahead of the 2021 Pre-COP26, as well as have their creative work promoted.


#SumItUp competition invites you to use your authentic voice to present a one minute video reflection or unleash your creativity to present a unique visual infographic  of what happened in one  of the #Youth4ClimateLive Series episodes.


Each sum-up should communicate key takeaways from the episode of your choosing rather than a general summary.


Deadline for application: 31st March 2021


For further details: