Virtual tour of the photographic exhibition "Amazing Microorganisms

Thursday, 7 November 2019
Exhibition "Amazing Microorganisms"

Between May 21st and June 16th, 2019 the evocative setting of Piazza Vittorio (Turin) hosted the exhibition "Extraordinary Microorganisms", organised by the Department of Life Sciences and Systems Biology and the Mycotheca Universitatis Taurinensis (MUT) of the University of Turin, in collaboration with the CRT Foundation and the European Culture Collections' Organization (ECCO) and with the support of the Region Piedmont.


The exhibition, thought as a satellite event of the 38th Annual Meeting of the European Culture Collections’ Organization (ECCO2019), was made by the pictures shot in many culture collections around Europe, with the aim of overcoming the common negative bias on microorganisms.


We tend to associate microorganisms, "germs", to diseases. Their discovery and investigations is often bound the need of finding the cause of various diseases. This photographic exhibition, which collected pictures shot in many European laboratories, wished to overcome this prejudice. Image after image, the visitor discovered an amazing and astonishing world, where beauty meets microbial genius, developed during billions of years in the struggle for survival.
Science is going on discovering new microorganisms and applications for human needs: from the supply of good and healthy food, drugs and biomaterials, to medical therapies and environmental sustainability. 


To be as much inclusive as possible, the set of the exhibition was a square in the city center, in order to attract and fascinate whoever was passing by: citizens or tourists no matter the age, the personal interests, social condition or education.

Virtual tour
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