University of Turin awarded among the best Italian universities

Tuesday, 16 January 2018

The Italian Agency for Research Evaluation published the list of 180 University Departments  funded for excellence.


10 UniTo Departments were awarded:

  • 3 Departments in medical area (Dept. of Medical Sciences, Dept. of Surgical Sciences and Dept. of Neurosciences)
  • 4 Departments in humanities, economic and social area (Dept. of Philosophy and Education Science, Dept.of Economic, Social, Mathematical and Statistical Sciences, Dept. of Law and Dept. of Cultures, Politics and Society)
  • 3 Departments in scientific and technological area (Dept. Physics, Dept. Agricultural, Forest and Food Sciences, Dept. Veterinary Sciences)

UniTO got  81 million Euros for boosting its research in medical area, scientific area, humanities and social sciences.



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