TARM test for students holding non-Italian qualifications: now available the calendar

Thursday, 1 August 2019

In order to assess the minimum requirements of our international students, the University of Turin has created different TARM tests according to the degree program they have chosen.

TARM - Italian language test

For undergraduate degree programs taught in Italian without admission exam it is mandatory to register for the TARM (Test for the Assessment of Minimum Requirements) - Italian language test. 

The test will assess the Italian language proficiency of the candidates. Find out if the degree program of your interest has an admission exam or not.

The TARM test will coincide with the Italian language test for enrolment in undegraduate degrees held in Italian.


Starting from 2nd September various sessions of the TARM-Italian language test will take place, thus allowing every student to participate to each session according to his/her time of arrival in Turin.

Please find below the calendar:

  • 2nd September 2019 (registration is now open)
  • 10th September 2019 (registration starting from 29/08)
  • 17th September 2019 (registration starting from 05/09)
  • 23rd September 2019 (registration starting from 12/09)
  • 1st October 2019 (registration starting from 19/09)
  • 7th October 2019 (registration starting from 26/09)
TARM - English language test for Global Law and Transnational Legal Studies

To enrol in Global Law and Transnational Legal Studies you have to register to the TARM - English language test, information will be published in July in this section. If you do not pass the minimum mark required for the TARM - English language test (30 out of 55) you still have the chance to enroll, but OFAs (Additional Educational Requirements) will be assigned. The OFAs are considered absolved with the completion of a single path of strengthening skills.



Two sessions of the TARM - English language test will take place, thus allowing every student to participate to only one session according to his time of arrival in Turin and enrolment in the degree program.

  • 18th September 2019 (registration is now open)
  • 3rd October 2019 (registration starting from 14th September 2019)
    TARM test for Chemistry and Chemical Technology

    To enrol in Chemistry and Chemical Technology you have to take a selective TARM test. 
    Learn more about the test.



    • 3rd September 2019
    • 12th September 2019.

    Candidates can take the test only once. Candidates who will not take part in the TARM test will automatically lose the right to enrol in the chosen degree program.

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