Erasmus Mundus Master in Materials Science Exploring Large Scale Facilities: application is open

Wednesday, 24 November 2021

The Master in Materials Science Exploring Large Scale Facilities (Mamaself+) is a 2-year programme involving six Universities in France, Italy, Germany and Poland


The Master's programme is delivered by two of the six universities: students will attend one year in one institution, the first semester of the second year at another Institution and the last semester is dedicated to the Master thesis in a University or in a partner industry. At the end of the programme students will receive a double Master's degree in Materials Science.


Scholarships are available for selected students applying according to the following deadlines for application:

  • Non-EU students: 10th February 2022. Non-EU students who already spent a time in Europe can apply for a Cat B scholarship.
  • EU students: 20th March 2022.

Students must have 180 ECTS (or equivalent) in Material Science or related disciplines (Materials science, Chemistry, Physics,  related disciplines…), good academic records and good English competencies.

Information on the study program, the universities of the consortium, the admission process is available on MaMaSELF+ website.