Call for applications for visiting students. The final ranking list is now available

Monday, 25 March 2019

The  Department  of  Philosophy  and  Educational  Sciences  of  the  University  of  Turin awards short‐term scholarships  for postgraduate visiting students (MA level) from non‐Italian universities within the Department of Excellence Project 2018‐2022.  Through  this  Project,  the  Department  fosters  international  exchanges  of  professors  and  students,  thus increasing its international networks.


The  first call  for applications awards three short‐term scholarships for visiting students who wish to prepare  their Master’s  thesis on  specific  subjects  selected  by  the Department  Board. Candidates  must  be  postgraduate  students  enrolled  in  a  non‐Italian  university  (MA  level)  and  willing  to spend 3‐6 months in Turin by the end of the year 2020.


The final ranking list is now available on the Department  of  Philosophy  and  Educational  Sciences website.