The University of Torino provides a range of options in order to help its international exchange students and guests find an accommodation in the city. They can apply for accommodation at EDISU University Residences or they can use the Cercoalloggio service and the Internet platform HousingAnywhere to find accommodation in private residences or share an apartment with other students.

University residences

International exchange students and guests of the University of Torino can rent a room at university residences managed by EDISU Piemonte, the Regional Agency for the Right to Education of Piedmont. Rooms at Edisu must be booked through the EDISU online procedure (available in Italian and English).


Through this association, EDISU Piemonte offers Erasmus and international students free assistance in finding apartments and rooms in the city. 


The University of Torino has joined the international network HousingAnywhere: a student-to-student housing platform for exchange and internship students. HousingAnywhere is a very effective tool that increases the housing offers and the amount of short term accommodation for incoming exchange students.

Accommodation in university residences

Further private university residences available in town:

Other opportunities for hostels and university residences:

Temporary housing in Torino

To find short-term accommodation, you can use the website of the local Tourist Information Desk, offering a wide range of options among hotels, hostels, bed&breakfast, etc.

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