Public transportation

Buses and trams

Torino local transportation is served by GTT – Gruppo Trasporti Torinese, which manages one subway line, urban and suburban networks. Buses and trams usually run from 5 a.m. until midnight on weekdays. On the weekend, at night, special lines called “Nightbuster” run until 5 a.m.
Tickets can be purchased at any news-stand, tobacconist, bar and at the 24h automatic vending machines available in every Metro station. You need to buy your bus/tram tickets/pass before boarding. The price of the ticket depends on the trip (local or suburban), on its length (one ticket lasts 70 minutes, but there are tickets for the whole day) and on the amount of tickets bought together (carnets of tickets offer discounts on the price of the single ticket).
On the GTT website you can check out prices, passes, timetables and plan your bus journey throughout the city. Make sure to check this website regularly to be aware of variations and changes.


The subway, "metropolitana" or "metro", connects Collegno, a town in the west side of the city, with Lingotto Expo and enables one to cover in 20 minutes a distance that would take more than an hour on the ground.


More information is available on the GTT website.

Bike sharing

Cycling to your destination may be faster and easier than taking a bus. Torino is equipped with a modern and very well organized bike-sharing system. It’s called TO-BIKE and enables you to pick up a bicycle in one of the 116 TO-BIKE stations scattered all over the city and give it back to the TO-BIKE station closest to your destination. It is very cheap and gives you the chance to explore the city along unconventional routes! Different subscription plans are available.


Around the city there is plenty of taxi stands. Taxi rides can be reserved also by calling the taxi companies: