Food and wine

Researchers' Night in Piazza Castello, Turin

Turin and the whole province offer magnificent cuisine, in every season overflowing with specialities whose origins are in the best regional culinary tradition. 

This is the delicious capital of the bicerin (a typical hot drink made of espresso, chocolate and whole milk), of gianduiotti chocolates, of patisserie products such as nocciolini, krumiri and paste di meliga. The wine (Barolo and Barbera for example) and other products like agnolotti, tajarin pasta, risottos, boiled and braised meats, mixed fries and cheeses are worth to be mentioned. 

Turin is a place that shows aristocratic decorum in the timeless ritual of the aperitif, here invented with Vermouth in 1786.


Whatever your taste, you will be delighted by a wine and food tour that takes in historical cafés, wine shops and bars, stores and restaurants along the way, where simple country ingredients fit perfectly with the refinement of royal cuisine.