Vilfredo Pareto Lecture online: "Macroeconomics and Inequality"

17 June 2021

On 17th June 2021 at 6:00 p.m. Gianluca Violante (Princeton University) will hold an online lecture on "Macroeconomics and Inequality". Introduction by Francesca Parodi, Fondazione Collegio Carlo Alberto.


The event is organized by the Fondazione Collegio Carlo Alberto.


Macroeconomics has evolved from the study of aggregate dynamics to the study of the dynamics of the entire distribution of resources across individual economic actors. This “heterogeneous agents” perspective has put income and wealth inequality at the centerstage of macroeconomics. This lecture describes this evolution of the discipline, and discusses how the new approach has changed the way we think about the impact of aggregate shocks on the macroeconomy and the transmission mechanism of fiscal and monetary policy.


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