One Planet One Future. An exhibition by Anne de Carbuccia

From 5 June to 30 August 2023
Titolo della mostra su fondale marino

From Monday 5th June to Wednesday 30th August 2023 it is possible to visit One Planet One Future in the coutyard of the Palazzo del Rettorato (via Verdi 8/via Po 17). An exhibition by Anne de Carbuccia set up on the occasion of the twenty-sixth edition of the CinemAmbiente Festival, the international film festival organised by the National Cinema Museum with the aim of presenting the best environmental films and documentaries of the year, during which Anne de Carbuccia presents the docu-film Earth Protectors, which recounts the ten years in which the project has been carried out.


Anne de Carbuccia has travelled to the most remote places on the planet to document endangered species, habitats and cultures with her art. Her work aims to move beyond today's human-centred era by reflecting on the new role humans could play and imagining them leaving the centre to join the circle, recognising their power and fragility as well as their interdependence.


Her works explore how our species, using intelligence and technology, can become a positive force for our planet. In particular, those from the TimeShrines series, reproduced on large canvases and further explored on the panels that create the scenographic setting of the Rectorate's Courtyard, invite us to reflect on where we come from, our identity and what we want for the future.


In addition to the photographic path, in the centre of the courtyard, a site-specific installation relocates a work from the Wood Engravings series, the wheel of a wagon with the engraving: "In the Anthropocene to revolt is to build".