Global Teach-in: Democratize the crisis

26 May 2020

The Global Teach-In is an educational and political organizing event designed to address both topical issues and long-term concerns. This globally broadcast event, involving multiple countries and locations, will take place in three parts on May 26th 2020:

  • part I: a global broadcast with various panels of speakers (for a global audience)
  • part II: local (virtual) meetings (involving persons in your region or country)
  • part III: reports from local meetings (a representative from each member of the global network reports to the global broadcast).

The event will provide  an opportunity to discuss ways to promote a more resilient and democratic alternative to the underlying institutions lying behind the Covid-19 crisis in its various health, political, economic and media dimensions. Scholars identify problems or potentially identify solutions. Local communities discuss what makes sense for their communities and report back to a larger group.


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