EIT Food online course "Consumers and Environmental Safety: Food Packaging and Kitchenware". Start date: 9th November

9 November 2020

The online course "Consumers and Environmental Safety: Food Packaging and Kitchenware", developed by EIT Food, will start on 9th November 2020.


This course is for anyone interested in potential health risks derived from food packaging and kitchenware, and in particular from chemicals migrating from packaging into food and drink. This could include healthcare workers, parents, pregnant women, and anyone with an interest in health and food safety.

Food safety is highly regulated. Yet, one blind spot is the migration of molecules from contact materials in kitchenware into food. Particular attention needs to be placed on chemicals present at low doses but acting on the endocrine system over a long time. On this course, you’ll learn about these endocrine disrupters and their potential impact on human health and the environment.


You’ll evaluate how chemicals can migrate from packaging and slowly affect our endocrine health, and how tests can check for safety. Ultimately, you’ll better understand how we can improve food safety in general.


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