Vice Rectors and Rector's delegates


The Vice-Rectors refer directly to the Rector and are assisted, where necessary, by the Administrative Divisions or other offices of the University.

Rector's delegates

The Rector's delegates refer directly to the Rector and, where necessary, collaborate with the Administrative Divisions or other offices of the University.


  • Prof. Giulia Anastasia Carluccio - Rector’s delegate for Cultural Relations and Coordination of University Communications. The following professors are also appointed Rector’s delegates for Communication:
    • Cristopher Cepernich: with particular reference to digital communications, University Press Office and external Communications
    • Alessandro Perissinotto: with particular reference to internal communications within the University and those concerning cultural issues
    • Chiara Simonigh: with particular reference to streamlining communication of all University held and external events. The University's cultural relations are a central theme of this delegation and so are complimentary to the University human and cultural assets development initiatives managed by Vice-Chancellor Prof. Maria Lodovica Gullino
  • Prof. Luca Bertolino, Rector’s delegate for the development and coordination of the University Library System
  • Prof. Roberto Cavallo Perin, Rector’s delegate for
  • Prof. Sergio Foà,  Rector’s delegate for the coordination of University legal issues
  • Prof. Mario Giacobini - Rector’s delegate for the Framework Partnership Agreement (ex Art. 15 L. 241/1190) between the University of Turin, the Polytechnic of Turin and the University of Eastern Piemonte “Amedeo Avogadro" for its premises provided by the Region and Brussels. In agreement with the Chancellors of the Polytechnic of Turin and the University of Eastern Piedmont Amedeo Avogadro, Prof. Giacobini will also coordinate initiatives/activities aimed at maximising the resources of all three Universities and reaching shared goals as well as optimising relations with the Region and overseeing the Tenancy Agreement
  • Prof. Marina Marchisio, Rector's delegate for the development and promotion of the University's Digital Education strategies
  • Prof. Maria Rosalba Pavone, Rector’s delegate for the coordination, monitoring and support of facilities and services for people with disabilities and Specific Learning Disorder (SLD) of the University of Turin
  • Prof. Franco Prina, Rector’s delegate for the Polo Universitario concerning incarcerated University students and representing the University in relations with prison bodies
  • Prof. Alessandra Quarta, Rector’s delegate for promoting and consolidating University relations with the City of Turin in urban regeneration processes concerning the City’s or university’s spaces.  She also has delegating responsibilities to identify spaces available for hosting university student associations and other wide-ranging student services
  • Prof. Piercarlo Rossi, Rector's delegate for impact assessments and support for the implementation of European cohesion policies
  • Prof. Stefania Stafutti, Rector's delegate for cooperation relationships with People's Republic of China in scientific matters and training with the Universities, Academies and Research Institutes of the People's Republic of China, also with reference to the possible implications regarding research applied to the business activity.