Recognition of credits (abbreviazione di carriera)

If you are regularly enrolled in a degree program at UniTO you may apply for the recognition of credits (so called abbreviazione di carriera in Italian) you obtained in a previous academic career at a foreign institution/university, which could either have been finished or attended partially without having obtained the final degree, according to the provisions of the Tuition fee regulations in force.


Upon acceptance of the outcome of your request, this procedure may allow you to have some credits/exams taken abroad recognized in your current university career at UniTO that will be included in your career plan by the competent Students Registry Office (Segreteria Studenti) for the degree program you currently enrolled at.


In compliance with the Tuition fee regulations in force, the following fees are required for this procedure:

  • 76 euro non-refundable fixed fee to be paid upon submission of each request (60 euros for the request evaluation and 16-euro revenue stamp)
  • additional 340 euro to be paid only if you apply for the recognition of credits taken in an unfinished academic career. Therefore you have to pay this addional fee only if you have not obtained your final foreign degree and your latest year of attendance abroad is an academic year that is not immediately preceding your first year of enrolment at UniTO (as an example: you enrolled at UniTo in the a.y. 2020-2021 and you stopped being enrolled at the foreign university without obtaining your final degree before the a.y. 2019-2020) and you accept the outcome of the recognition whose details are included in the competent Department resolution that will be sent to you by the International Students Desk

You may apply for credit recognition throughout the whole academic year by emailing the International Students Desk from your UniTO official email address ( at [email protected] and attaching all required documents and the duly completed application form either in Word or Open Office format. Please make sure to fill in the form thoroughly since the same form will be used by the competent Board of Professors to evaluate your request.


Once submitted, your application is checked by the International Students Desk and:

  • if it is complete, you will receive instructions to pay the required € 76 fee. After the payment, your documents will be sent to the evaluation of the competent Board of Professors and then we will notify you of the recognition outcome
  • if it is not complete, the International Students Desk will ask you to upload all missing documents. Upon provision of all missing documents, you will receive instructions for the payment.

Once your recognition request has been submitted to the competent Board of Professors by the International Students Desk, please regularly check your inbox since the offices or the Professors who manage your credit recognition request may contact you by email for further information or clarifications if needed.


As determined by Law n. 148 of 11 July, 2002, you will be informed by email of the credit recognition outcome within 90 days.


Please be aware that if you are enrolled in a degree program with quota of places (accesso programmato), the career shortening (abbreviazione di carriera) will be possible only if there are available places at the academic year stated in your credit recognition outcome. If there are no available places, you may have some credits/exams recognized, but being still enrolled at your current academic year.


If you are regularly enrolled in a degree program at UniTo and you have previously been enrolled in a degree program at another Italian university, please refer to competent Students Registry Office in order to verify how to apply for the recognition of credits.