EU citizens

Application form for recognition of foreign academic qualification must be submitted to the University of  Turin.

Here are the documents you need to produce for starting the administrative procedure in order to obtain the recognition of foreign academic qualification:


  • ​original of high school leaving qualification and academic qualification, provided with certified translation into Italian, legalization (if required), and one of the following documents: 
    • declaration of equal value ("dichiarazione di valore" must be issued by the Italian Embassy/Consulate in the Country where the title was gained) or
    • certificate issued by Enic-Naric agencies
  • original study plan of University courses (with marks and credits or hours of education), provided with certified translation into Italian*, and legalization (if required), or Diploma Supplement, provided with legalization (if required)
  • detailed outline of University courses (signed and stamped by the University), provided with translation into Italian*
  • valid identity document, Tax identification code (codice fiscale)
  • fixed duties (30,00 euros)
  • fiscal stamp (16,00 euros)
  • registration on with your personal information.

A photocopy of each documents must be attached.

As every country has different procedures to issue legalization, we recommend you to address to the competent authorities in your country for this matter.


* translation not needed if this document is issued in English. Please contact the International Students Office to know of any further exemption from translations.

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