Modalities for consultation of local classification lists and declaration of interest

Academic year 2018-2019
Consult the results of admission tests

The tests results can be viewed by accessing MyUniTO, after login on University Portal.

Select the item Enrolments and afterwards the item Admission Exam (in Italian: Iscrizioni - Test di ammissione) to see your status in the classification lists (see paragraph ”Results Legenda”)


Check regularly MyUniTO not only for the publication of lists but also during the phases of replacement of available places after the up-dating of lists.

You can consult the complete classification at the page Courses with quota of places and, then, the degree program with admission tests (the complete classification list is available under “Dettaglio graduatorie”).

Discover the status of you results: legenda

Here is the legenda of status that one can see when the classification lists will be published in MyUniTO:

  • passed: if you passed, you can go on with the on-line matriculation no later than the deadlines as foreseen in announcements of competition
  • not passed: wait for replacements and declare your interest in the fixed dates, as reported in the calendar. Consult frequently your status on MyUniTO, during replacement dates
  • failed: if you obtained a result which is lower than what is foreseen by the announcement of competition in order to pass
  • pre-matriculated: you confirmed your place online. Remember that the ultimate matriculation procedure foresees not only the payment of tuition fees peremptorily within 4 p.m.of  the deadline, as indicated in your MyUniTO, but also the upload of matriculation application form dated and duly signed with the receipt of the payment;
  • matriculated: you are regularly matriculated
  • cancelled: if you fall under one of the following cases:
    • you did not matriculate within the deadlines;
    • your admission exam was cancelled;
    • you passed for the major choice, for competitions for which more than one choices are to be indicated, the minor choice will be cancelled;
    • you did not persist in stating your interest for replacement (replacement application form)
Declaration of interest for matriculating

During the following periods:

  • from 9:30 a.m. of October 8th, 2018 to 3 p.m. of October 9th, 2018
  • from 9:30 a.m. of October 24th, 2018 to 3 p.m. of October 25th, 2018

all students resulting “not passed” in the classifications shall declare to be still interested to matriculate (replacement application), in order to be replaced during the scrolling of classification lists. Filling in the “replacement application form” is not equivalent to confirm the place (matriculation), but is merely a declaration of interest. Student not giving such a declaration within the deadline foreseen in the replacement application will be considered automatically as a tacit renouncing.


To declare your interest, log in to your MyUniTO area, select the item Enrolments and afterwards the item Admission Exam (in Italian: Iscrizioni - Test di ammissione). It is possible to persist in declaring the interest for each choice, by clicking on “Presenta domanda” in the section “Ripescaggio”. 


You can also persist in declaring your interest to matriculate to degree courses for which actually there are no other available places; in fact, in case, some places will be free after the procedures of change, renounce or transfer, these places will be re-assigned by updating of the classification lists.


For further directions on the procedure, to follow for the replacement application, please consult instructions.

Abide by the deadlines fixed in the announcement of competition

As stated in the announcements of competition:

“The students who result as passed (ammesso) in the classification list, but did not complete the matriculation application and did not pay the first instalment of tuition fees within the deadlines as foreseen in this announcement of competition, but also the students who result cancelled because they did not declare interest to be replaced within the deadlines, will be considered renouncing and will not be replaced, even if some places are still available.


Without prejudice to cases where there are no more “idonei” after complete scrolling of the classification lists: in this case the above-mentioned students, if interested, can send a request to for replacement application after the deadlines, within and no later than 5 working days after the complete use of the classification list (For this reason consult”


After the closing of the classification lists, if some places are not assigned yet (even for renounce for matriculation), they will be not re-assigned.


For consulting the announcements of competition, follow the instructions illustrated in the dedicated page.

Take note of suspension of re-assignment

Before each replacement, the classification list will be blocked for one day for updating the available places. The matriculation application will be possible the next day from 9:30 a.m.

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