Incoming transferring students (from another university) in the first year of a degree course with a restricted number of places

Request formal transfer

Request formal transfer to the University to which you are enrolled. We suggest you to get informed you also about the deadlines and transfer modalities provided by the University of origin.

Register on UniTO portal

Register on the University website to get the credentials (username and password) to access the sign-up process. Please, read the instructions to register.

If you have been already enrolled in previous years at UniTO and you have already the access credentials, you do not have to submit a new registration. If you do not remember your credentials, contact the toll free number 800098590 (Monday - Friday from 8.00 a.m. to 8.00 p.m. and on Saturdays from 8.00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m.) or use the service Password retrieval.

Submit the application form

1) Strictly within deadlines provided for in the announcement of competition for the interested study course, fill in the online application for transfer. Please login on the University website (under "Login", top right on every page), with the credentials (username and password) obtained after the registration to the portal and access MyUniTO. After authentication select "Iscrizioni", left in the top menu, and then select "Immatricolazione" to proceed to the online filling in of the application, inserting "Trasferimento in ingresso." During the completion of the application, you will need to enter the following documents:

  • a passport photo, which will be used for printing the university smart card (see note), if not already in the system
  • copy of a valid identity document
  • copy of your codice fiscale (tax identification number).

See photo technical details.

2) Go on completing the application online by entering the fields related to the academic year, the date and the University of enrolment in the University System as well as academic year, date and starting career.
The year of registration at the University System is the very first entry to any university course of any Italian university, although it ended with an interruption / waiver and not obtaining the academic title.
The starting year identifies the academic year in which you started a career for which you are requesting the transfer to our University.

3) Conclude by entering the details of previous registrations (University, course of study, exams for which request validation in UniTO); after definitively having confirmed the submission of the application.

4) Strictly within the deadline print the matriculation application form  and pay the required fees (first instalment of tuition fees and transfer tax: for more information consult the Regolamento Tasse e Contributi 2019-2020 and the section Tasse ): access My UniTO with your credentials and under the item “Tasse”, choose payment modalities (MAV or PAGO PA according to the contributions).

Strictly by 4 p.m. of the deadline, pay the required fees otherwise you will lose the place; after that time the payment will have the value date of the next day, then after the period allowed to confirm the registration. The confirmation of the place occurs with the payment of university fees on time.

5) Strictly within deadlines provided for in the notice of competition for the study course, attach the following documents

  • matriculation application form, completed and signed in all its parts
  • receipt of payment of tuition fees
  • self-certification of the exams you wish to recognize for the new degree course
  • only for 6-year postgraduate degree programs in Medicine and Surgery, Veterinary Medicine and Dentistry, vaccination attestation and certification of the tuberculin test (Mantoux test). If at the moment of matriculation, you do not have such certifications, you will write an affidavit (available at section Modulitica) to hand out it to the students registry office within 30 days from registration, to enclose attachments login at My UniTO, from menu Iscrizioni, select item "Allegati Carriera"
  • only for international students, attach permit of stay not expired or request for its renewal
  • only for the degree course in Sport Sciences and Physical Education (Asti and Turin) a valid medical certificate of fitness for non-competitive sports is required. For delivery modalities of such certification it is necessary to consult the appropriate information on related notice on the course’s website.

If you are a student with a disability, with the recognition of disability according to article 3, paragraph 1, of the law 5 February 1992, 104, or with a disability equal to or greater than 50%, you will have to submit at your students registry office the appropriate health certification.

6) Collect your smart card: if you do not have the smart card issued by the University of Turin yet, you will receive the collecting details by email at the student's email address assigned to you at the time of matriculation; if you already have the smart card, update it following the instructions on the relative webpage (Italian version).

Wait for or request the convalidation of the exam you already took

The students registry office of the study course conveys to the competent educational institution the documentation relating to your previous career (discharge papers and examination record book). The file will be sent for the recognition of previous career.


Only for transfers towards degree courses with a restricted number of places belonging to the areas of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine, Management and Economics, Medical Sciences, Drug Sciences and Technology and Biotechnology, Courses of Health Profession, Sport Science, you need to submit at the students registry office counters the programs of the exams carried out, for which you request the recognition.

International students

Students with a foreign high school diploma can enrol on a degree course without restricted number of places, following the instructions available on the related webpage:

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