Change of regulations governing the degree courses (within the University)

If you are enrolled in a degree course previous to regulations D.M.509 / 1999 or belonging to regulations D.M.509 / 1999 and you want to make a change according to the regulations of the DM 270/2004, you have to do as follows by October 10th, 2019:

1) Download and complete, in all its parts, the application form for change of regulations

2) Submit the application form at the students registry office (during the opening hours and days) with:

  • a duty stamp of Euro 16,00 
  • the receipt of the first instalment of tuition fees 2019 - 2020 (relative to the degree to which you are still enrolled: this tax will be used as the first instalment for the new degree course)
  • the examination record book (if you matriculated before the academic year 2012-2013)

3) The students registry office will give you in your MyUniTO the form to pay the change regulations tax. After paying you must attach, as soon as possible, the copy of the available receipt in your MyUniTO, from menu "Iscrizione", "Allegati Carriera" and afterwards "Ricevuta Tasse Universitarie"

For more information, please consult the students registry office.

The Degree Course Council will validate the university credits acquired in the previous educational path, by  specifying the further prosecution of university career path.

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