Change to a degree course with restricted number of places and with local classification (within the University)

In order to change to a degree course with a restricted number of places and with local classification list of the University of Turin for the academic year 2019-2020, please consult the following instructions.

Check the test results

Verify the test results on the day of publication of the classification list, provided in the notice of competition.


To view your test results, login to the portal (the item “Login” on the top right) with your credentials (username and password) obtained after registration and get access to MyUniTO.


Select the item "Iscrizioni" and afterwards "Test di ammissione".

Complete your position: pay the first instalment

Complete your administrative position concerning the degree course to which you are already enrolled (source course), by paying the first instalment of fees. For paying, enter your MyUniTO, and select and download the MAV or PAGO PA available in the item "Tasse".


This payment is valid as the first instalment for the new degree course. When the payment for that fee is associated to your career (green light in the Fees section), you can proceed with the change application.


If in your MyUniTO you do not find the first instalment or you have some difficulties, please contact immediately your appropriate student registry office to verify and find the possible solution of critical situations.

Submit the application form
Fill in and submit the application

Fill in and submit the application for changing to courses with a restricted number of places.

If  you are "Ammesso", starting from 9:30 a.m. on September 23rd, 2019, and strictly within the deadline specified in the call for admission (available in your MyUniTO), fill in the application. For this operation log in the portal and access MyUniTO. Select the item "Iscrizioni", which you can find in the menu on the top left, then select the item “Domanda di Passaggio” and then the item "Programmato".

If you are admitted on more than one degree course with a restricted number of places, the procedure offers you all degree courses for which you are eligible. Select just one and continue with the change application.

Include the change application by selecting the type of course of destination, in this case “Programmato”, the course and, if necessary, the path and/or the location of the course to which you want to change/transfer (target course). Verify that the target course data are correct and confirm the application: on the next step, fill in, if necessary, the self-declaration of exams, not yet recorded in the examination record book through the button "Aggiungi esame". 

Your application has now been "presentata" and will be processed by the competent offices. Until the application remains in the state "presentata", you can still modify or cancel the change application. 

Print the receipt

Print the receipt of the application form at the end of the procedure, using the icon as a magnifying glass. Highlight/signal the exams you wish to recognize for the new course and sign it duly.

Attach the receipt

Attach the receipt of the application from menu “Iscrizioni” in your  MyUniTO, select “Allegati Carriera” and afterwards “Passaggio di corso”. In this section attach also the self-declaration of exams that you wish to recognize for the new course. It is necessary to present to the competent Student registry offices the programm of recorded exams only for the transfer to the degree courses with a restricted number of places relating of the Poli of Agriculture and Veterinary, Medical Sciences, Science and Technologies of Drugs and Biotechnology, to Courses of Health Services, of Motor and Sport Sciences.

Pay the change tax

Pay the change tax and duty stamp or the duty stamp only, in case of change between two courses carried out in the academic year 2019-2020 (change from first year to first year).

Payment must be made out without exception by the deadline specified in the notice of competition.If the payment is with MAV must be made out without exception by 4 p.m. of the deadline; after that time it will have the value date of the next day, so after the deadline allowed to make the change.

Attach the receipt of payment

Attach the receipt of payment from menu "Iscrizioni"in your MyUniTO, select "Allegati Carriera" and afterwards "Ricevuta Tasse Universitarie".

Process of the change request

The students registry office of the destination course processes the change request and your application will be in the state: "Approvata". From this moment, the change application can no longer be cancelled.

Administrative process

When your situation for taxes is in green light in the "Tasse" section, the Students registry office begins the administrative process of the change and starts the procedure: the status of the application is now "Approvata " and you are formally enrolled in the new degree course.

Collect your smart card

If you do not have the Smart Card issued by the University of Turin yet, you will receive the collecting details by email at the student's email address assigned to you at the time of matriculation. If you already hold a smart card, update it consulting the instructions provided on the relative webpage (Italian version).

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