TARM test for students holding Non-Italian qualifications

In order to assess the minimum requirements of our international students, the University of Turin has created different TARM tests according to the degree program they have chosen.


Information on TARM tests for the academic year 2020-2021 will be published by the end of August 2020 on this page.

TARM - Italian language test

For undergraduate degree programs taught in Italian without admission exam for the a.y. 2019-2020 it was mandatory to register for the TARM (Test for the Assessment of Minimum Requirements) - Italian language test. 

The test aimed at assessing the Italian language proficiency of the candidates. Find out if the degree program of your interest has an admission exam or not.

The TARM test will coincide with the Italian language test for enrolment in undegraduate degrees held in Italian.


Italian language course
Students who do not pass the TARM - Italian language test have to attend a mandatory Italian language course. At the end of it, they will have to take  the test once again.
The Italian language course is reserved to international students who did not obtain the minimum mark required by the TARM - Italian language test (30 out of 55).

TARM - English language test for Global Law and Transnational Legal Studies

To enrol in Global Law and Transnational Legal Studies for the a.y. 2019-2020 you had to register to the TARM - English language test. If you did not obtain the minimum mark required for the TARM - English language test (30 out of 55) you are required to achieve OFAs (Additional Educational Requirements). OFAs are considered as achievedupon completion of a single path of strengthening skills.

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