Step 2 - Apply for a visa for study purposes

If you do not need a visa to come to Italy and enrol at UniTo, please skip this step and proceed to step 3.

Academic year 2021-2022

If you are a non-EU citizen residing abroad who submitted her/his application online through the Apply@UniTo portal, you have to proceed submitting your pre-enrollment visa application (type D for University enrolment) for the a.y. 2021-2022 via Universitaly portal within July 31st, 2021. Please make sure to select the correct academic year for your request.


We will not accept pre-enrollment requests:

  • submitted after the deadline July 31st 2021
  • mistakenly submitted for a previous academic year
  • from candidates who did not present their application on the Apply@UniTo platform within the given deadlines
  • from candidates whose application on Apply@UniTo has already been rejected.


You should submit your pre-enrollment request for the same degree program you have selected on Apply@UniTo, or for your first preference, in case you have applied for two different degree programs. While filling in your request you should attach:

  • the same documentation you uploaded on your Apply@UniTo application, including an English or Italian language proficiency certificate if specifically requested by the degree program of your choice
  • results of your minimum requirements assessment test (TARM) provided through CISIA TOLC test, only if you are applying for an undergraduate degree program without a fixed quota of places (i.e. without entrance test), within July 16th, 2021. To know whether you are requested to sit the tolc test, please proceed to step 3.


If you have difficulties registering on the website, please refer to our guidelines.


Once you submit your pre-enrollment request, the International Students Desk will check the information and documentation attached. If your application is validated, you will be able to download your acceptance letter to sign and present to your embassy. The acceptance letter will report the list of documents required for the final enrollment in UniTo.


For more information on the visa request procedure for the academic year 2021-22, consult the website of the Italian Ministry of University and Research.