Services for students with SLD

How to request
  • Fill in the SLD form and send it by e-mail to Ufficio Studenti con Disabilità e DSA, attaching a valid SLD certificate
  • If necessary, ask for a meeting, in order to evaluate the situation and what type of support is needed.

In both cases, send an e-mail to [email protected]

List of services
  • Didactic tutorship (assistance in taking notes and/or study activities) - learn more
  • Communication with professors before the exams upon request of professors and/or students, information about personalized support, compensatory tools and dispensatory measures, which are granted in accordance with the current university policy, considering the specific difficulties of the students and the specific subject of study.   
  • Access to the study room at Ufficio Studenti con Disabilità e DSA; possibility to use computers with specific softwares.